The Loose Screws

Session 9

  • Return to Catina
  • Gambil Gound (ship doctor) stabilies Max – not healed. No cybernetic arms available.
  • Fails to build an arm, -1000 credits
  • Fails to build an arm again, -1000 credits
  • 500 credits to keep Max in a bacta tank after failures
  • Fails to build an arm yet again, -1000 credits
  • finally succeeds building an arm, recoups 500 credit losses.
  • Went to Screwdriver, Probos stays on ship while others go to the Obsidian Spear (Skint’s ship)
  • Skint approves of Max Powers. Gives him a gift. A vibrosword “Not Sure Yet”.
  • Skint makes us slave the ScrewDriver to Obsidian Spear.
  • We jump to Scarrum Vie. Took 3 weeks. Lots of interference.
    • Green/blue potentially habitable. Sensors pick up another ship.
    • 2 hours out from the atmosphere of the planet.
    • Hear on sensor, Skint says “Ruber is already here”. Skint has more powerful scanners.
    • Ruber’s mining platform. Extreme range. SKint wants us to attack. We’re escorting the Obsidian Spear.
    • Need to give him time to lock on and take down the mining platform.
    • Turbo laser from mining platform vaporises a small ship on our side.
    • Ruber asks us to take out the turbo laser and escort fighter.
    • 12 ships + Obsidian Spear on our side.
    • HR48 senders us a comm message, Captain Skint has requisitioned us as fodder.
    • Decide to fly towards it.
    • We fly into debris, mining rig has layered the area of metal/debris etc.
    • take 3 hull dmg (17 hull)
      -3 hull dmg
  • keep flying, avoid debris.
    -1 strain
  • loses another ship, 11 ships.
  • fly past the range of the turbolaser.
    -2 (-3) strain
  • turbo laser possibly has weakpoints
  • 4 of our ships have been destroyed (7 remains)
  • 2 enemies destroyed (6 remaining)
    -5 (-8) hull dmg
  • blew up the first turbo laser.
    -4 (-12) hull dmg
    -2 (-14) hull dmg
    -1 personal strain
  • blew up the 2nd turbo laser.
    -2 (-5) strain
  • mining rig (30-60 people) surrenders, skint shoots the torpedo
    -2 (-7) strain
    -1 (-8) strain
  • we try to shoot the torpedo, fail but shoot it off-course.
  • explosion knocks out shield (NO defense).
  • 83 people saved – escape pods.


Etoh Etoh

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