The Loose Screws

Session 8

  • Go to imperial area, shady area of town. It’s an apartment block.
    • 8 has residences in apartment block.
    • Lots of fit young men around the apartment block.
      • Went into apartment block – two sections.
      • Probos went to the left section to follow the users in the apartment block.
      • Max tries to hack, DD tries to watch out, fails, 4 toughs work in.
      • 3rd apartment on the left hand side.


  • Adversary: 2.1
  • Probos 0.3
  • DD 1.4
  • Max 1.2
  • Imperial Area
    • combat complete, old woman attacks Probos with handbag – gets stunned.
    • +400 credits from her handbag
    • @6,650
    • Multiple guns/enemies appear from the 4th level.
    • -2 strain
    • DD hatches a plan to destroy the building.
    • Probos breaks into the room and sees electronic gear and a forcefield around a timer to hyperlink upload.
    • Hidden imperial attacks Probos and misses.
    • Max comes into the room and breaks the forcefield. Hidden imperial attacks Max.
    • -6 dmg
    • The information isn’t be transferred to the destroyer above Ord Mantell, instead another group (infighting).
      • Different battle group, name of the lead Destroyer and Admiral.
    • stop the upload
    • get 3000 credit
    • prevent the upload – they won’t be able to follow us.
    • @9,650


Etoh Etoh

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