The Loose Screws

Session 7

  • Retroactively spread rumours about DD the murder bot
  • -2 strain
  • DD tries to convince Varis Jocker to record his personal history, somewhat succeeds
  • Scarrum Vie information
    • CR90 Corvette – Obsidian’s Spear
      • Old types of ships developed at the end of the republic era.
      • 3-4 speed
    • Rag tag squadron of beat-up ships.
  • Meet Skint in a cantina
    • See other crews of the squadron.
    • Don’t look like salvagers, look like pirates.
    • 41 people in the bar.
    • Buy everyone in the bar 250 credits.
    • @1650 credits
    • Former treasury ship, crash landed on Scarrum Vie
    • Stake his claim, defend it
    • Planet distort s hyper-gate lines. Hard planet to navigate to.
    • Suspects someone is already there
    • Info that put him there, was intercepted, blaming Ruben, ap deep space mining
      • Ruben is a pirate. Mobile space station (mining platform).
      • Compliment of fighters.
    • Gamble (Gant Physician)
      • Ruben and Skint have an old rivalry.
    • Sansavata (Human, 2nd in command)
    • Tarule Lighten (twilek, quartermaster)
      • Skint serving 11 years.
    • HR48, (system and protocol druid).
      • Feel edges of sentience.
      • Killer bot, no longer protocol/system.
      • Killed 43 meat overlords.
    • Max Powers sees something suspicious
      • Follow them, see contact meet imperial guard.
      • Imperial officers
      • Overheard about treasury ship.
      • Max makes a sound, sees them split up. Chases the contact.
      • Combat starts. Max captures him.
      • Took credits, mother was sick. Got contact details for the imperial.
      • 5,000 credits from him
  • @6,650 credits
  • -400 credits due to failing to charm
  • @6,250
    • Told Skint, said Imperials are a dealbreaker.
  • +10 xp


Etoh Etoh

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