The Loose Screws

Session 6

  • Merger Skull
    • Collects oddities
  • Arrange a meeting with Aleel has some goons.
    • Merger has a weird taste in collectibles – stuffed rancor, wookie in carbonite.
    • Has a backroom that he never shows anyone. He’s after something for that room.
    • Getting it from this “nobody”. Kale. Retired teacher. Lives in poor part of town.
  • Go to meet Kale the next day.
    • Computer search → no name attached to search (fail).
    • Elderly person, says Kale doesn’t live there.
      • Bruco Jocker.
    • Searched Bruco, positive influence on helping lots of children, youth groups, etc. But is grumpy.
      • Leads by action.
    • Person with same name, “died” in the Clone Wars, could be a Jedi.
    • Convince him by spilling all the beans (including Rebel alliance)
    • Takes us to a private security facility
      • Top computer security on the facility. Small room with black box.
      • Gives Probos a heavy black box for a size.
      • It is a lightsaber.
    • Jedi name was Varis Jocker
      • Has a green lightsaber.
    • Win 1000 credits in the swoop races.
    • Buy brandy for 600 credits.**
  • @900 credits
    • Sold it to a scavenger/trasure hunter – Ord Mantell – set forth
  • -2 strain
  • @1900 credits
    • Name of the planet: AB24835 – Scarrum Vie.
      • Surveyed 5k years ago, not fit for sentient life. Uninhabited with rudimentary atmosphere.
      • Signal originated from here. Signal similar to the one that was 70 years ago.
    • Bounty hunter named: Skint. Meet at the dock.


Etoh Etoh

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