The Loose Screws

Session 5

  • Whisper Red returned with us
  • Move from reg operations to new area.
  • General Aster, Mon Calamari, new CO
    • ATO – Asymmetric Tactical Operations
    • Hutts are now on a more neutral footing, open to dealings with us. We want military contraband.
      • Hutts don’t deal in credits. They deal in gems/other stuff/lasting value
    • Emerald Spire.
      • Treasury ship of the republic. Used to transmit moneyies, lost 70 years ago, all souls, warp flux when hyper lanes became erratic.
      • 3 destroyers also went down.
      • Loss of the ship bankrupted several star systems.
      • 3 months later, subspace comms from the ship, “going into red storms, tell my why wife I love her”.
      • Got more information – bought batched hyperspace communications – “red skies all around me, tell Ruber I’m going to kill him for this” – got it 6 months ago.
        • Captain Devank. Ruber wasn’t on the ship.
      • Infachant (information broker) – Merger Skull (bothan) – sends snippets, charges for full story.
        • Already sold the information to someone else.
      • Mission: make contact with the infochant, analyse information, investigate.
        • Ord Mantell (part of the bright jewel system) – has casinos, tax free haven for the rich. Main big city. Golden Coast.
          • Small rebel presence (commandos). We operate independently.
          • Embraced the empire, strong presence – allowed to continue its rule.
          • Used to have a seat at the galactic senate. Star destroyers looming overhead.
    • YT-1000 – Comms Static, heavy interference, upgrade difficulty to make use of the comms (e.g. jamming/silencing enemy ships/communicating) – requires an easy Computers check.
    • Whisper Red bonds with a little over the night before we leave.
  • We leave successfully.
  • Get to Ord Mantell easily.
  • We have some contacts with Merger Skull.
    • Swoop Race engineer, has rebel alliance sympathies, original contact from General Aster
      • Being watched by the imperials.
    • Professional gambler – secondary contact. Purely neutral.
  • Going to talk to the swoop racer.
    • 16 yr old girl working on swoop racers.
    • Galna Linske.
    • General Asteer saved her brother from the imperial prison and took him offworld.
  • She made a bike for Aleel (Twilek), one of Merger’s 3 bodyguard. (Mandalorian Genflek), (Tylo the Trandosian)
    • Driving fast and driving hard is his skill. Secret want to be a swoop racer.
    • Always looking for modifications for his bike.
      • new modulator on the market, 3* more power.
  • spy on skull
    • fortified compound, high walls, laser cannons and guards – 12 to 15 guards and 3 bodyguards.
    • skull is never without 2 of his guards.
    • inpenetetrable fortress, but can access via sewer, cut through the stonework. ’
      • imperial officers, shady people, hutt people, all purchase from Skull.
  • found out he was bullied at school.
  • went to inter-species at school. a child of one of the more wealthy families, at 14, bully disappeared.


Etoh Etoh

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