The Loose Screws

Session 10

  • Ghost (Andrew) was repairing the outside of the Asteroid.
    • Blown off from the torpedo, drifts back.
    • Gas leak explosion knocks him back into space
  • Captain Skint broadcast something, couldn’t hear it.
    • Ships turn to attack us, we fly away and clamp and hide away in the debris.
      -3 (-11) strain
  • Ghost sees us. We let him on the ship. New party member.
  • Ling on her ship sees us while we’re hiding.
  • Gives us a head start
    +3 strain from DD’s repairs (-8, 6/14)
  • Fly down to the planet. Blue/red crystal (1000s of feet) throughout the planet. Twist upwards.
    +1 strain from DD’s repairs (-7, 7/14)
  • Shoot crystal, turns out crystal is transparent with red gas on the inside. Red gas/mist/fog is released.
    • Red gas engulfs the enemy ship and destroys it.
    • Clouds seeming out of the crystal columns.
  • Land the ship, power core fails.
  • The red mist surrounds the downed ship, seemed alive (sentient?). It retreats.
  • Travel to the crash site from Ling
    -3 strain (9/12)
  • Arrive at crash site, seems to have landed reasonably well.
    • Red mist around the ship. Feeding ont he power core of the ship.
    • Back of the ship is cracked open, warp drive broken open. No radiation oddly.
    • Crystals + radiation are being sucked into the red mist.
    • See Lings crew outside the ship with a barrier. Has been a firefight.
    • No blaster marks on the dead crew. Slashed.
    • Find human footprints. Sporadically placed around. Only find one set.
      -2 strain (7/12)
  • Gas doesn’t seem to affect us.
  • Examine the corpses. Most equipment has been slashed/destroyed.
  • 2 stimpacks, spare magazines.
  • -2 wounds (11/13)
  • Getting radiation poison from the close open warp core.
  • Max sees a young boy, who then dissapears in a puff of red smoke.


Etoh Etoh

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