The Loose Screws

Session 1

On the wheel (Perlimium trade route), find if the spy has compromised has lost his edge

  • No imperial presence
  • Big space station, crime, hedonism, Hutt cartels, vie for dominance
  • Code name of spy: Red Whisper
  • Lucious Tyrone, the
    • Knows what he looks like
  • Red Whisper info has gone sour, we’ve been sent in
  • Commercial liner, paid for by the alliance, arrive as a group
  • disembark area is big, can’t see Lucious Tyrone.
  • go to a nearby terminal
    • disembark area
    • perception – two groups coming towards us – 4 in each group
    • Escaped from mobsters
    • read a message from Lucious – compromised, got coords to the backup meeting locations
      • backup location – casino, “The Rabid Joy”
        • build around the gladiator arena, more violent one, to the death
  • The Rabid Joy
    • Setback dice due to the violence,
    • Met at Lucious, chazers used by the catspaws by the hidden imperial presence
    • Never met Red Whisper, contact through electronic signals, directing to a random dead drop
Session 2

Orlo sent the thug. No idea. Orders to kill us.
Owner of a casino. Glorious Luck. Pictures of our Rebel Alliance photo IDs.
Meet Lucious again

  • Glorious LUck is a premier casino, invite only (Lucious has 2xx invites only)
  • rich stakes, high stakes
  • People think Orlo is richer than the empire, power behind the representative council on the Wheel
  • Wheel is hands off empire zone, pay handsomely for it.
  • Whisper Red always communicates about the non-Wheel items.
  • need 1000 credits, or Upper Echelon of the wheel
    • Ingratiate themselves with the Upper Echelon
    • Lots of security
  • Whisper Red last random drop scheme, found a broken mechanics part at the scene.
    • DV3T part, used to piggyback feeds onto security cameras, imperial design, 18 months old. Has non-imperial tech grafted onto it.
    • Not an imperial spy, it’s outdated tech. Whisper Red most likely circumstance.
    • Broken through wear and tear.
  • Scope locations of 3 previous drop sites.
    • Can see the hacked feed.
  • See group of thugs at final site. Gave them a slip.
  • Gravus is the black market tech dude who may know about the mods made to the DV3T

+50 credits


  • DD9T: 3.1
  • Probos: 2.1
  • Rusty: 2.1
  • Max Cooper: 2
  • Bad guys; 0.1
Session 3
  • At the entrace to Gravus’s store.
  • Gravulus – fat Twi’lek, eyepatch
    • can’t convinence him about us being alliance -
    • tall skinny weasily empire asked about her before, bad accident
  • Sonic dissonance and fuzzalotor
  • Sold DD to broker for 450 credits


  • Wookies: 2.2
  • Probos: 1.1
  • Rusty: 1.0
  • Max Cooper: 1.1
  • Bad guys: 0.1
  • DD9T: 0
  • Win the battle
  • 500 credits on the way out
  • 7 droids made it out, including the DC Droid
    • DC droid is not as complex
    • Research center, refers to DD – Immortality Program
  • Head to Gravalus, he’s happy. Imperials blamed.
  • Gravalus introduces us to a human woman with red hair
    • Dara, clearly Imperial accent.
    • Former student of foremost imperial academy, involved in computer counter-espionage
      • as a female is exceptionally bright or has connections to make it into the academy
    • Destructon of Alderaan changed her, can’t be part of a system that allows that
    • Left backdoors when she fled, some have been closed down.
    • Wants to double check that the info she sent was the same info we recieved.
      • 3 of the 4 things sent out were incorrect.
    • Monitor the dead drops, so Lucious must be the bad guys.
Session 4
  • Send 7 droids and red whisper on sabotage missions. Mostly successful.
  • Spoke to Lucious, got a droid repair pack and stimpack, he might suspect us.
  • Take stimpack
  • Going to break into Lucious’s office
    • Lucious comes back and he’s bleeding

Roll initiative

  • Probos: 4
  • Bad guys: 2.5
  • Rusty: 1.2
  • Max Cooper: 1.1
  • DD9T:
  • 8 wounds/10 strain
    • Using people as human shields, using people as a red.
  • Suspected Imperial Agent in charge of the Imperial presence was the one that shot him at close range.

Roll initiative

  • Bad guys 1: 2.2
  • Bad guys 2: 2.1
  • DD9T:2
  • Max Cooper: 1.1
  • Probos: 1
  • Bad guys 3: 1
  • Rusty: 0.4
  • 2 wounds/0 strain
  • Lucious attacks us from behind. We take him out
Session 5
  • Whisper Red returned with us
  • Move from reg operations to new area.
  • General Aster, Mon Calamari, new CO
    • ATO – Asymmetric Tactical Operations
    • Hutts are now on a more neutral footing, open to dealings with us. We want military contraband.
      • Hutts don’t deal in credits. They deal in gems/other stuff/lasting value
    • Emerald Spire.
      • Treasury ship of the republic. Used to transmit moneyies, lost 70 years ago, all souls, warp flux when hyper lanes became erratic.
      • 3 destroyers also went down.
      • Loss of the ship bankrupted several star systems.
      • 3 months later, subspace comms from the ship, “going into red storms, tell my why wife I love her”.
      • Got more information – bought batched hyperspace communications – “red skies all around me, tell Ruber I’m going to kill him for this” – got it 6 months ago.
        • Captain Devank. Ruber wasn’t on the ship.
      • Infachant (information broker) – Merger Skull (bothan) – sends snippets, charges for full story.
        • Already sold the information to someone else.
      • Mission: make contact with the infochant, analyse information, investigate.
        • Ord Mantell (part of the bright jewel system) – has casinos, tax free haven for the rich. Main big city. Golden Coast.
          • Small rebel presence (commandos). We operate independently.
          • Embraced the empire, strong presence – allowed to continue its rule.
          • Used to have a seat at the galactic senate. Star destroyers looming overhead.
    • YT-1000 – Comms Static, heavy interference, upgrade difficulty to make use of the comms (e.g. jamming/silencing enemy ships/communicating) – requires an easy Computers check.
    • Whisper Red bonds with a little over the night before we leave.
  • We leave successfully.
  • Get to Ord Mantell easily.
  • We have some contacts with Merger Skull.
    • Swoop Race engineer, has rebel alliance sympathies, original contact from General Aster
      • Being watched by the imperials.
    • Professional gambler – secondary contact. Purely neutral.
  • Going to talk to the swoop racer.
    • 16 yr old girl working on swoop racers.
    • Galna Linske.
    • General Asteer saved her brother from the imperial prison and took him offworld.
  • She made a bike for Aleel (Twilek), one of Merger’s 3 bodyguard. (Mandalorian Genflek), (Tylo the Trandosian)
    • Driving fast and driving hard is his skill. Secret want to be a swoop racer.
    • Always looking for modifications for his bike.
      • new modulator on the market, 3* more power.
  • spy on skull
    • fortified compound, high walls, laser cannons and guards – 12 to 15 guards and 3 bodyguards.
    • skull is never without 2 of his guards.
    • inpenetetrable fortress, but can access via sewer, cut through the stonework. ’
      • imperial officers, shady people, hutt people, all purchase from Skull.
  • found out he was bullied at school.
  • went to inter-species at school. a child of one of the more wealthy families, at 14, bully disappeared.
Session 6
  • Merger Skull
    • Collects oddities
  • Arrange a meeting with Aleel has some goons.
    • Merger has a weird taste in collectibles – stuffed rancor, wookie in carbonite.
    • Has a backroom that he never shows anyone. He’s after something for that room.
    • Getting it from this “nobody”. Kale. Retired teacher. Lives in poor part of town.
  • Go to meet Kale the next day.
    • Computer search → no name attached to search (fail).
    • Elderly person, says Kale doesn’t live there.
      • Bruco Jocker.
    • Searched Bruco, positive influence on helping lots of children, youth groups, etc. But is grumpy.
      • Leads by action.
    • Person with same name, “died” in the Clone Wars, could be a Jedi.
    • Convince him by spilling all the beans (including Rebel alliance)
    • Takes us to a private security facility
      • Top computer security on the facility. Small room with black box.
      • Gives Probos a heavy black box for a size.
      • It is a lightsaber.
    • Jedi name was Varis Jocker
      • Has a green lightsaber.
    • Win 1000 credits in the swoop races.
    • Buy brandy for 600 credits.**
  • @900 credits
    • Sold it to a scavenger/trasure hunter – Ord Mantell – set forth
  • -2 strain
  • @1900 credits
    • Name of the planet: AB24835 – Scarrum Vie.
      • Surveyed 5k years ago, not fit for sentient life. Uninhabited with rudimentary atmosphere.
      • Signal originated from here. Signal similar to the one that was 70 years ago.
    • Bounty hunter named: Skint. Meet at the dock.
Session 7
  • Retroactively spread rumours about DD the murder bot
  • -2 strain
  • DD tries to convince Varis Jocker to record his personal history, somewhat succeeds
  • Scarrum Vie information
    • CR90 Corvette – Obsidian’s Spear
      • Old types of ships developed at the end of the republic era.
      • 3-4 speed
    • Rag tag squadron of beat-up ships.
  • Meet Skint in a cantina
    • See other crews of the squadron.
    • Don’t look like salvagers, look like pirates.
    • 41 people in the bar.
    • Buy everyone in the bar 250 credits.
    • @1650 credits
    • Former treasury ship, crash landed on Scarrum Vie
    • Stake his claim, defend it
    • Planet distort s hyper-gate lines. Hard planet to navigate to.
    • Suspects someone is already there
    • Info that put him there, was intercepted, blaming Ruben, ap deep space mining
      • Ruben is a pirate. Mobile space station (mining platform).
      • Compliment of fighters.
    • Gamble (Gant Physician)
      • Ruben and Skint have an old rivalry.
    • Sansavata (Human, 2nd in command)
    • Tarule Lighten (twilek, quartermaster)
      • Skint serving 11 years.
    • HR48, (system and protocol druid).
      • Feel edges of sentience.
      • Killer bot, no longer protocol/system.
      • Killed 43 meat overlords.
    • Max Powers sees something suspicious
      • Follow them, see contact meet imperial guard.
      • Imperial officers
      • Overheard about treasury ship.
      • Max makes a sound, sees them split up. Chases the contact.
      • Combat starts. Max captures him.
      • Took credits, mother was sick. Got contact details for the imperial.
      • 5,000 credits from him
  • @6,650 credits
  • -400 credits due to failing to charm
  • @6,250
    • Told Skint, said Imperials are a dealbreaker.
  • +10 xp
Session 8
  • Go to imperial area, shady area of town. It’s an apartment block.
    • 8 has residences in apartment block.
    • Lots of fit young men around the apartment block.
      • Went into apartment block – two sections.
      • Probos went to the left section to follow the users in the apartment block.
      • Max tries to hack, DD tries to watch out, fails, 4 toughs work in.
      • 3rd apartment on the left hand side.


  • Adversary: 2.1
  • Probos 0.3
  • DD 1.4
  • Max 1.2
  • Imperial Area
    • combat complete, old woman attacks Probos with handbag – gets stunned.
    • +400 credits from her handbag
    • @6,650
    • Multiple guns/enemies appear from the 4th level.
    • -2 strain
    • DD hatches a plan to destroy the building.
    • Probos breaks into the room and sees electronic gear and a forcefield around a timer to hyperlink upload.
    • Hidden imperial attacks Probos and misses.
    • Max comes into the room and breaks the forcefield. Hidden imperial attacks Max.
    • -6 dmg
    • The information isn’t be transferred to the destroyer above Ord Mantell, instead another group (infighting).
      • Different battle group, name of the lead Destroyer and Admiral.
    • stop the upload
    • get 3000 credit
    • prevent the upload – they won’t be able to follow us.
    • @9,650
Session 9
  • Return to Catina
  • Gambil Gound (ship doctor) stabilies Max – not healed. No cybernetic arms available.
  • Fails to build an arm, -1000 credits
  • Fails to build an arm again, -1000 credits
  • 500 credits to keep Max in a bacta tank after failures
  • Fails to build an arm yet again, -1000 credits
  • finally succeeds building an arm, recoups 500 credit losses.
  • Went to Screwdriver, Probos stays on ship while others go to the Obsidian Spear (Skint’s ship)
  • Skint approves of Max Powers. Gives him a gift. A vibrosword “Not Sure Yet”.
  • Skint makes us slave the ScrewDriver to Obsidian Spear.
  • We jump to Scarrum Vie. Took 3 weeks. Lots of interference.
    • Green/blue potentially habitable. Sensors pick up another ship.
    • 2 hours out from the atmosphere of the planet.
    • Hear on sensor, Skint says “Ruber is already here”. Skint has more powerful scanners.
    • Ruber’s mining platform. Extreme range. SKint wants us to attack. We’re escorting the Obsidian Spear.
    • Need to give him time to lock on and take down the mining platform.
    • Turbo laser from mining platform vaporises a small ship on our side.
    • Ruber asks us to take out the turbo laser and escort fighter.
    • 12 ships + Obsidian Spear on our side.
    • HR48 senders us a comm message, Captain Skint has requisitioned us as fodder.
    • Decide to fly towards it.
    • We fly into debris, mining rig has layered the area of metal/debris etc.
    • take 3 hull dmg (17 hull)
      -3 hull dmg
  • keep flying, avoid debris.
    -1 strain
  • loses another ship, 11 ships.
  • fly past the range of the turbolaser.
    -2 (-3) strain
  • turbo laser possibly has weakpoints
  • 4 of our ships have been destroyed (7 remains)
  • 2 enemies destroyed (6 remaining)
    -5 (-8) hull dmg
  • blew up the first turbo laser.
    -4 (-12) hull dmg
    -2 (-14) hull dmg
    -1 personal strain
  • blew up the 2nd turbo laser.
    -2 (-5) strain
  • mining rig (30-60 people) surrenders, skint shoots the torpedo
    -2 (-7) strain
    -1 (-8) strain
  • we try to shoot the torpedo, fail but shoot it off-course.
  • explosion knocks out shield (NO defense).
  • 83 people saved – escape pods.
Session 10
  • Ghost (Andrew) was repairing the outside of the Asteroid.
    • Blown off from the torpedo, drifts back.
    • Gas leak explosion knocks him back into space
  • Captain Skint broadcast something, couldn’t hear it.
    • Ships turn to attack us, we fly away and clamp and hide away in the debris.
      -3 (-11) strain
  • Ghost sees us. We let him on the ship. New party member.
  • Ling on her ship sees us while we’re hiding.
  • Gives us a head start
    +3 strain from DD’s repairs (-8, 6/14)
  • Fly down to the planet. Blue/red crystal (1000s of feet) throughout the planet. Twist upwards.
    +1 strain from DD’s repairs (-7, 7/14)
  • Shoot crystal, turns out crystal is transparent with red gas on the inside. Red gas/mist/fog is released.
    • Red gas engulfs the enemy ship and destroys it.
    • Clouds seeming out of the crystal columns.
  • Land the ship, power core fails.
  • The red mist surrounds the downed ship, seemed alive (sentient?). It retreats.
  • Travel to the crash site from Ling
    -3 strain (9/12)
  • Arrive at crash site, seems to have landed reasonably well.
    • Red mist around the ship. Feeding ont he power core of the ship.
    • Back of the ship is cracked open, warp drive broken open. No radiation oddly.
    • Crystals + radiation are being sucked into the red mist.
    • See Lings crew outside the ship with a barrier. Has been a firefight.
    • No blaster marks on the dead crew. Slashed.
    • Find human footprints. Sporadically placed around. Only find one set.
      -2 strain (7/12)
  • Gas doesn’t seem to affect us.
  • Examine the corpses. Most equipment has been slashed/destroyed.
  • 2 stimpacks, spare magazines.
  • -2 wounds (11/13)
  • Getting radiation poison from the close open warp core.
  • Max sees a young boy, who then dissapears in a puff of red smoke.

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