The Loose Screws

Session 3

  • At the entrace to Gravus’s store.
  • Gravulus – fat Twi’lek, eyepatch
    • can’t convinence him about us being alliance -
    • tall skinny weasily empire asked about her before, bad accident
  • Sonic dissonance and fuzzalotor
  • Sold DD to broker for 450 credits


  • Wookies: 2.2
  • Probos: 1.1
  • Rusty: 1.0
  • Max Cooper: 1.1
  • Bad guys: 0.1
  • DD9T: 0
  • Win the battle
  • 500 credits on the way out
  • 7 droids made it out, including the DC Droid
    • DC droid is not as complex
    • Research center, refers to DD – Immortality Program
  • Head to Gravalus, he’s happy. Imperials blamed.
  • Gravalus introduces us to a human woman with red hair
    • Dara, clearly Imperial accent.
    • Former student of foremost imperial academy, involved in computer counter-espionage
      • as a female is exceptionally bright or has connections to make it into the academy
    • Destructon of Alderaan changed her, can’t be part of a system that allows that
    • Left backdoors when she fled, some have been closed down.
    • Wants to double check that the info she sent was the same info we recieved.
      • 3 of the 4 things sent out were incorrect.
    • Monitor the dead drops, so Lucious must be the bad guys.


Etoh Etoh

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