The Loose Screws

Session 2

Orlo sent the thug. No idea. Orders to kill us.
Owner of a casino. Glorious Luck. Pictures of our Rebel Alliance photo IDs.
Meet Lucious again

  • Glorious LUck is a premier casino, invite only (Lucious has 2xx invites only)
  • rich stakes, high stakes
  • People think Orlo is richer than the empire, power behind the representative council on the Wheel
  • Wheel is hands off empire zone, pay handsomely for it.
  • Whisper Red always communicates about the non-Wheel items.
  • need 1000 credits, or Upper Echelon of the wheel
    • Ingratiate themselves with the Upper Echelon
    • Lots of security
  • Whisper Red last random drop scheme, found a broken mechanics part at the scene.
    • DV3T part, used to piggyback feeds onto security cameras, imperial design, 18 months old. Has non-imperial tech grafted onto it.
    • Not an imperial spy, it’s outdated tech. Whisper Red most likely circumstance.
    • Broken through wear and tear.
  • Scope locations of 3 previous drop sites.
    • Can see the hacked feed.
  • See group of thugs at final site. Gave them a slip.
  • Gravus is the black market tech dude who may know about the mods made to the DV3T

+50 credits


  • DD9T: 3.1
  • Probos: 2.1
  • Rusty: 2.1
  • Max Cooper: 2
  • Bad guys; 0.1


Etoh Etoh

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