The Loose Screws

Session 1

On the wheel (Perlimium trade route), find if the spy has compromised has lost his edge

  • No imperial presence
  • Big space station, crime, hedonism, Hutt cartels, vie for dominance
  • Code name of spy: Red Whisper
  • Lucious Tyrone, the
    • Knows what he looks like
  • Red Whisper info has gone sour, we’ve been sent in
  • Commercial liner, paid for by the alliance, arrive as a group
  • disembark area is big, can’t see Lucious Tyrone.
  • go to a nearby terminal
    • disembark area
    • perception – two groups coming towards us – 4 in each group
    • Escaped from mobsters
    • read a message from Lucious – compromised, got coords to the backup meeting locations
      • backup location – casino, “The Rabid Joy”
        • build around the gladiator arena, more violent one, to the death
  • The Rabid Joy
    • Setback dice due to the violence,
    • Met at Lucious, chazers used by the catspaws by the hidden imperial presence
    • Never met Red Whisper, contact through electronic signals, directing to a random dead drop


Etoh Etoh

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